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Here Is What Our Patients Are Saying!


    Dr. Karl is an amazing chiropractor!!  Every time I leave his office I feel like a new person.  You can tell he is very passionate about what he does, and that makes a great doctor.  I would highly recommend him to anyone! -Lauren A.

    5 Stars isn't enough to describe how incredibly awesome Dr. Karl is!!!  He is truly passionate about being a chiropractor.  Dr. Karl has been treating me for neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain for the past couple months.  In that time, I have seen a huge improvement and less pain all over.  I also appreciate how thorough he is in showing me new stretches to help strengthen my shoulder and core.  The treatments have been invaluable in helping me feel better.  He is also very personable and goes above and beyond a normal doctor visit.  I will continue with Dr. Karl for many years to come as adjustments have become a mainstay for my wellbeing.  Thank you, Dr. Karl.  You do an exceptional job!! -Lynn P.

    I had never been to a chiropractor before visiting Dr. Karl. I've been having back pain for years, but have never really done anything about it. I was recommended to Dr. Karl by my roommate and gave it a chance. I have been very happy with my treatment so far. My pain level has gone down and the exercises he incorporates into the treatment help with strengthening my core. I plan on continuing my visits regularly. Thanks Dr. Karl! -Jane D.

    Dr. Karl's the man!   As everyone else mentioned, he takes good care of you. I was hurting in a serious way, and he got me all fixed up in a matter of months. Hugely thankful.  He's very easy to work with, professional, and comfortable to be around. I had tried the big name therapy places, but what I really needed was the personal touch Dr. Mike supplies. Thanks! -Jared J.


    I have been coming to this chiropractor since June 2007, and Dr. Michael Karl is a great chiropractor. He had really helped me with my shoulder pain and headaches, and is very professional. He listens to you and is very good at fixing whatever is hurting you.  It's also not too difficult to get an appointment either. I will definitely be coming here for a long time. -Katie L.

    I started coming to Dr Karl for my back issues. He is very informative and explains the treatment and cause extremely well. He set up a treatment plan for me and I'm in my 3rd week and feeling great. I've been to other chiropractors and Dr Karl by far is the best. I highly recommend anyone to try him out. Thanks  Dr Karl for helping me with my back! -Russel W.                                                            

    I have visited Dr. Mike Karl and I was VERY pleased with my experience.  Dr. Mike Karl is the BEST.  His soothing personality and informative procedure really made my chiropractic visit a SUCCESS! -Aimee B. 

    Dr Karl's approach to chiropractic is not spine-centric, as is the case with many chiropractors. He's able to treat many conditions related to pain, and range of motion, in all parts of the body. I strongly recommend a visit with Dr Karl to see how he can help you. -Scott T.


    Dr. Michael Karl goes above and beyond. He is extremely professional, caring and driven to help you succeed. He takes time, not only to listen but to help educate you on stretches and exercises that target areas of need. -Stacie K.

    I had never really had back pain over the years and had never thought about seeing a chiropractor. But as a photographer I get a lot of overuse injuries (mostly back and shoulders) and got tired of all the MRIs and x-rays my regular doctor kept prescribing that never seemed to accomplish much. I happened to meet Dr. Karl in a business networking group so I decided to try him out. And he was fantastic! I had noticeable improvement in pain levels almost instantly, and over the course of just a couple of weeks, pain I'd been suffering for months, went completely away. More recently I suffered an injury to my back, and I had the same experience; there was an immediate reduction in pain levels from my very first treatment. I'm a convert, and would strongly recommend Dr. Karl and Pure Motion to anyone who has back or joint pain of any kind.
    I should also mention they have a great location -- Roscoe Village is pretty easy to get to and free on-street parking is usually plentiful. The facility is bright and clean and the support staff very friendly and helpful. I would recommend them without hesitation!-Neil S.

    Went here for a few months after getting whiplash in an accident.  Dr Karl is great, can't say enough good things.  When it came to dealing with insurance they helped make that easy for me too.  I don't regularly go to a chiropractor but if I have need I'll certainly be back! -Chad H.



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