Physical Therapy | Roscoe Integrated Medicine

Roscoe Integrated Medicine is our new advanced Physical Therapy and performance portion of the facility. Physical Therapy at Roscoe Integrated Medicine provides personalized and highly effective physical therapy treatments that help you feel better as quickly as possible. We work with you, one-on-one, to understand your individual needs. Our revolutionary techniques decrease your pain while improving your strength and confidence.

Our staff specializes in orthopedic conditions, movement disorders, sports injuries, pre/post-natal exercise, and pilates/physical therapy rehabilitation. Together, we’ll work on maximizing your results, ensuring a safe and quick return to a high quality of life. 

Recover from injury. Restore your body. Regain your strength. Get back to a pain-free life. Request a Physical Therapy appointment today!


Our Physical Therapy treatment techniques include:

-Myofacial Release

-Therapeutic Exercise

-Strength Training & Conditioning  

-Kinesio Taping


-Ergonomic Training

-Graston Technique

-Joint Mobilization

-Massage Therapy

-McKenzie Method